A full battery anytime and anywhere thanks to Smart Charging

GreenFlux has one very clear ambition: to get all cars running on electricity. During peak times, such as arriving at work or at home, there can be huge surges in the demand for electricity. The biggest challenge is to make sure that all electric car drivers can charge their cars quickly, safely and cheaply, without overloading the electricity network.

Together with ICT Group, GreenFlux came up with a solution: Smart Charging, a smart and safe charging system that consists of charging points, a backend system in the cloud and reliable communication between the charging points and the cloud system.

At the core of the Smart Charging system is an intelligent algorithm that determines an optimum between charging needs, availability of energy and prices. Cars are charged over the course of the day, which reduces the load in peak times. The system guarantees that every car will be fully charged at departure.

To guarantee the reliability of the communication between the cloud and the charging points, Tele2 created a separate mobile sub-network that works all over the world. All GreenFlux’s charging points are equipped with a Tele2 SIM card built into a controller. This means the traffic between the charging points and the cloud are secure and encrypted.


Charging electric cars quickly, safely and efficiently without overloading the network.


With the Smart Charging system, GreenFlux and ICT Group have created an intelligent charging system that determines an optimum between charging needs, availability of energy and prices.

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Marketing Communications Director / Corporate Spokesperson

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