Brainport? Euhhh… Isn’t that something like the smartest region?

Ask (inter)national IT-talent about Brainport and it’s very likely that at best you’ll get the answer shown in the heading. And that’s a shame, considering Europe’s beating heart of high tech, design and the production industry offer them brilliant career opportunities. Brainport Talent Centre introduces young IT specialists from The Netherlands and abroad to Brainport companies. And ICT Group is one of them. skyline-eindhoven-foto-eindhoven365 Brainport region is home to a collaboration platform of high tech, design and production companies together with knowledge institutions and government bodies. The platform develops innovative solutions for societal challenges in the domain of healthcare, mobility, energy, food and safety. And the platform is extremely successful. ‘In addition to Schiphol Airport and the port of Rotterdam, Brainport is one of the three economic pillars of the Netherlands’, says Erik Janssen of Brainport Development, the organization that is working hard on strengthening Brainport’s economic position. ‘Brainport is seen as one of Europe’s most innovative top technology regions and the place with the world’s highest number of patent requests per capita. It is not without reason that we were labeled as the world’s smartest region in 2011.’ It is a fact that Brainport is recognized by young IT specialists, but they don’t really know the region, according to Janssen. He and his colleague Richard Kerste are involved in recruiting and retaining the tech and IT talent of the Brainport region.

Brainport region

Brainport operates in the region around Eindhoven, one of Europe’s most prominent and innovative technology regions. Companies in the high tech, design and production industries collaborate with knowledge institutions and government bodies to develop new, innovative solutions for societal challenges in the domain of healthcare, mobility, energy, food and safety.

A lifetime career

The Brainport region is very attractive to (inter)national tech companies, and as a result, there is rising demand for tech and IT talent. At the moment we have some four hundred vacancies. ‘You could very well say that Brainport is the place to be for tech and IT talent, especially for those who enjoy combining software and hardware, for this is in high demand. And the circumstances are ideal: you’ll be living and working in a region that’s centered smarter solutions around the dynamic city of Eindhoven, in an international community of creative and technical specialists. In short, a place where you can build a lifetime career’.

Brainport talentBOX

But how does a talented IT specialist choose the right employer in Brainport? And how do you know whether you, the position and the organization that you’ve set your eyes on are a good match? Brainport Talent Centre (BTC) knows the questions prevalent among IT specialists who are looking for work, and assists them by providing answers. For instance with Brainport, an online platform that brings IT specialists and Brainport companies together by using keywords to match vacant positions with the right CV’s and vice versa. ‘This sourcing and matching tool has a regular recruitment function: it hosts vacant positions as well as CV’s. It is unique in the sense that it allows companies to share talent, and we refer talent to other employers if we think that they would offer a better match’, Richard Kerste explains. ‘This is how we optimize the chance that talent finds the right employer, and vice versa.’ talentBox offers additional support in making the right choice by offering information on companies, employee experience, events and practical tips on living in The Netherlands. BTC also recruits young talent outside of the online platform. ‘We have stands at career events, together with several Brainport companies, and we cooperate with foreign educational institutions in order to recruit tech and IT trainees for the BTC companies.’

Large pond

Brainport Talent Centre currently encompasses 32 Brainport companies, including ICT Group, which has participated since March 2016. ‘Sharing talent with the talentBOX increases the size of the pond in which we are fishing’, is how ICT Group’s recruiter Tjitske Hartman explains this step. ‘What’s more, we are increasing our recruitment efforts abroad, and the name Brainport is recognized more widely than ICT Group. We have a lot to offer to talent: because we operate in several markets such as healthcare, high tech machine construction and automotive, ICT Group’s employees can look around in a variety of environments, ranging from DAF and Philips to hospitals. We also believe that people need to be happy, not only from nine to five, but also from five to nine. That’s why we organize activities for international employees and their partners.’ The efforts of Brainport Talent Centre are actually paying off, because a steadily growing number of tech and IT talents are getting to know Brainport rather than merely recognizing the name. This is proven by the 2500 profiles managed by BTC. ‘Expanding the pool and making our network available to Brainport companies is our main objective’, Kerste concludes. ‘The actual placement of talent is up to the companies’. Interested in a challenging career with ICT Group? Go to And of course you can also register at Print

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