How do you create manageability of the water quantity for the whole of Delfland?

Water Management Delfland

Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland controls a critical area where water management is concerned: if the water rises just 10 centimetres, it will flow over the dyke into the polder. During heavy rainfall, the pumping stations have to pump away the water quickly and during periods of drought the dams must let in extra water. To be prepared for the changing climate conditions we require optimum automation of surface water management. ICT Group has developed a new visualisation and control system for a new central station (including a second contingency location for emergencies) and a database to store all the data from this system.

The challenge

In an area of more than forty square kilometres, 150 existing and pumping stations and dams and 70 newly built ones had to be equipped with new automated control units. In addition, ICT Group supplied 115 individual water measuring points that had to be connected to wireless communication links. To control and monitor all these objects, a fully equipped control room was set up, including a newly constructed visualisation and control system (VCS) and a database. An additional challenge was that during conversion work the current infrastructure had to continue operating.

The solution

ICT Group developed a standard program so that the control software of all the objects can be configured easily and uniformly: the Waterproof Advanced Generator. This enables a conversion speed of 2 to 3 objects per week. The VCS for the new central station was set up based on WinCC Open Architecture. With the new VCS you can see the water level status at a glance and also the substations that are in operation. The validated data of all the objects are stored in an OWB database developed by ICT and based on Oracle. In addition, ICT is responsible for maintenance and control of the VCS for 10 years, based on 24/7 on-call availability. This guarantees continuous availability of the system and with it also dry feet for all the people living in Delfland. Project: Technical Automation of Water Management Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland

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Contact for this case

Roel de Backer

Business Unit Manager Water & Infra

t +31 6 50 20 23 66


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