How do you increase production and reduce the amount of disruptions and variations in products?

MES system for DSM Food Specialties

DSM Food Specialties in Delft is one of the main suppliers of high-quality ingredients for the food industry. DSM Food Specialties produces a range of products that includes ingredients for dairy foods and beverages, flavourings, functional foods and enzymes for the baking industry. A MES system was required for implementation of DSM’s Manufex work processes. ICT engineered and installed this system.

The MES system allows DSM to:

  • Automatically download production orders from SAP
  • Automatically upload consumption and batch performance statistics to SAP
  • Register losses based on quantity and time
  • Proactively adjust the process based on estimated production times
  • Proactively adjust the process based on statistical analysis of key process parameters


A web portal was developed to provide an interface for the different users, divisions and reporting requirements within the MES system. The operators could now account for losses in the MES system, resulting in the availability of OEE reports. Modifications were made based on weekly discussions that focused on analysing the OEE data and other information. This has resulted in increased productivity and a substantial improvement in yield (OEE). Images of the set points were also created. ICT has built a MES system that provides a real-time link between the process controls and SAP. This powerful tool allows the management of DSM Food Specialties to analyse production times and yields. ICT used AspenTech historian IP.21 and AspenTech Batch.21 software to engineer the system. DSM Food Specialties reports a substantial reduction in costs. This reduction has been achieved through increasing production and reducing the number of disruptions and product variations. The latter has also resulted in reduced raw materials consumption. Project: MES-system for processing line Client: DSM Food Specialities 0-DSM

Contact for this case

Bas Hazewinkel

Business Development Manager Food

t +31 6 42 80 61 34


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