Flexible operating software for Océ: How to design new inks for a high speed printer

The Océ VarioPrint i300 is a high speed printer based on advanced inkjet technology. The printer is capable of printing different media in high volumes at a speed of 300 prints per minute (A3, A4). It can do so at a price compatible with offset printing.

The technologically highly advanced printer is outfitted with automatic print nozzle correction. Inside the machine a picture is taken of each finished print, which is then compared to the digital original. Any deviations, usually caused by clogged print nozzles, are immediately corrected for the next prints by adjacent print nozzles.Operating software based on PCS7
During the printing process the ink is dosed at extremely high speeds and accuracies. To reach these speed and precision levels the ink has to comply with the highest quality standards. It was therefore decided to construct a new pilot factory for the production of the ink. ICT Group has created the operating software for the production process of this new ink factory, based on a Siemens PCS7 system.

Contact for this case

Stefan Pluis

Business Consultant Smart Manufacturing

t +31 6 270 87 340


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