ICT Healthcare enables hospitals to use revolutionary imaging software

OncoRadiomics is the developer of the innovative imaging analysis software RadiomiX. The software reveals unique characteristics of tumours (biomarkers) by analysing medical imaging such as MRI, CT and PET scans. This information can then be used to personalise cancer diagnosis and treatment. OncoRadiomics developed a prototype of the RadiomiX application in MATLAB.

The challenge was to make this prototype suitable for use in hospitals. This requires protected access for multiple users, support for multiple platforms and an intuitive user interface. On top of this, CE marking and proper documentation is needed for the clinical use of the application.

ICT Healthcare created a future-proof, well-documented, easy to maintain, multilingual SaaS environment for multiple users. The environment offers a clinical version and a research version. In the clinical version, users can upload and analyse images of a single patient, while the research version allows users to analyse data from hundreds of patients.

The application itself was developed using Microsoft .NET technology and the ICT SmartPortal on Microsoft Azure Cloud. The environment operates using protected (HTTPS) connections and secure login services. All the data entered into the system is also encrypted and pseudonymised as soon as it is uploaded, to protect both privacy and security.

ICT Healthcare developed the SaaS application in accordance with ISO 13485/IEC 62304 and has drawn up all relevant documentation for the submission of the application as a CE class 1 medical device.


Make the imaging analysis software prototype suitable for safe clinical use.


ICT Healthcare developed a SaaS application with CE marking, which uses protected (HTTPS) connections and login services.

Contact for this case

Carla Stuifzand

Marketing Communications Director / Corporate Spokesperson

t +31 88 90 82 000


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