Motar controls InMotion KP&T IM/e Racecar

Motar controls InMotion KP&T IM/e racecar

ICT has partnered with Automotive Technology InMotion to mutually develop the KP&T IM/e racecar. InMotion strives to participate in the 24h race of Le Mans with their IM01 endurance racer. Furthermore they set out to break the all-time record on the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife. As predecessor of the IM01, InMotion is currently developing the KP&T IM/e electric formula racecar which embodies a test platform for multiple systems and technologies. Together ICT and InMotion develop the control ECUs for the complete KP&T IM/e racecar. ICT provides their Motar-platform, consisting of the ECU hardware, basic software and Model based development toolkit. InMotion develops the actual control algorithms that will run on these ECUs, controlling the entire car. InMotion logo - Tech Partner

Seamless integration from Simulink

With Motar, ICT offers a way to integrate control algorithms which are built in Simulink on a production class automotive hardware platform without any additional effort or hand-coding. By using the Motar toolbox in the Simulink control models, integration of these models on the ECU HW is done by a single button push. ICT works closely together with its customers in order to develop state-of-the-art production class embedded software with the right quality, on time and within budget. mathworks partner Motar Case - IME_neus Project: Race car control Client: InMotion

Contact for this case

Eeuwke Wielinga

Business Unit Manager Automotive

t +31 6 27 08 73 81


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