Adding a new control layer having instrumentation and valves operating at a higher level

PCS7 with Simatic Batch for Beckers

Beckers in Tilburg produces ragout-filled snacks like croquettes. The ragout preparation department cooks the meat first and then uses a recipe to mix fat, flour, spices and bouillon with the cooked meat. The ability to creatively develop new products, cost-effective production and delivery of high-quality products are of the greatest importance for Beckers. As part of the ongoing process to achieve these goals, the company has investigated the possibilities offered by modern automation. The ragout production process needed a new control layer that would operate at a higher level than the existing system of instrumentation and valves in order to achieve a worthwhile improvement. The existing system no longer provided the metering quality and production speed that were required in order to make a good product efficiently. The intention was to renew the system at the system’s electrical interface between the low-level equipment and high-level controls. Furthermore, the customer wanted to set up an MES layer.

Improved product quality

Following the system implementation and completion of a representative period in production, we can safely state that Beckers’ product quality has improved. The ragout recipe is controlled much more accurately than was previously the case. The risk of burst croquettes has been reduced significantly by maintaining the water percentage at the correct level. Registration of all the ingredients used and process temperature monitoring in order to comply with mandatory product composition tracking and tracing requirements form an additional dimension within the project scope. The use of Simatic Batch allows Beckers to produce flexibly. For example, different products can be made using the same software simply by changing a recipe or formula. Project: PCS7 with Simatic Batch Client: Beckers

Contact for this case

Martin Bijl

Business Development Manager
Smart Manufacturing

t +31 6 25 73 32 76


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