Q-Suite™ Enabling dosimetry after SIRT with QuiremSpheres®

QUIREM Q-Suite™ is a CE-marked proprietary software tool, that can be used to verify therapy with QuiremSpheres®. By calculating the 3D dose distribution based on SPECT or MR images, verification of dose-totumour and dose-to-tissue after the QuiremSpheres® therapy can be performed. The healthcare unit of ICT Group was involved in developing the 2nd generation of Q-Suite™. ICT Healthcare supported the customer from the creation of a user testable proof of concept to the conversion into a product.

QuiremSpheres® are bèta radiation emitting microspheres, containing the isotope Holmium-166, that can be used for Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT). This is a minimal invasive therapy for treatment of primary and metastatic liver tumours in which high doses to the tumours can be delivered while limiting the dose to the healthy tissue. QuiremSpheres® can be visualized with both SPECT and MR imaging, even in low concentrations, enabling quantitative dose evaluation which is critical to predict clinical effect of the treatment.

The first generation of Q-Suite™ that has been developed by Quirem was primarily a dose engine to convert MRI and/or SPECTCT images of QuiremSpheres® into 3D dose distributions. The generated 3D dose images could be imported into radiation oncology/radiotherapy software for further evaluation.

Download the full-featured Q-Suite™ Enabling dosimetry after SIRT with QuiremSpheres®, to read it by clicking the button below.

Contact for this case

Henri Stegehuis

Project Manager / Certified Scrum Professional

t +31 88 908 2000


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