Softwareport: the three musketeers of a Model Driven Integrated Solution

Softwareport provides a software development platform that combines high-level control, embedded software and virtual prototyping into one integrative solution. The Softwareport is a joint venture of three software companies – Cordis, Festa Solutions and Unit040 – that uses a Model Driven Engineering approach, saving time, costs and programming headaches.

Combining high-level and low-level control logic Softwareport’s solutions are especially perfectly suitable for situations where high-level and low-level control operate together, for example in the distribution of luggage in an airport. The high-level control of coordinating incoming and outgoing flights and the low-level control of operating the luggage belts have to cooperate seamlessly. It could also be used in the operation of a series of bridges, where the arrival of the ships (high-level control) and the mechanics of opening and closing the bridges (low-level control) have to work in tandem. Another example is a smart factory (Industry 4.0), where robots, 3D printers and automated guided vehicles (AGV’s) work together to manufacture and assemble products, increasing overall efficiency.

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