How do you automate the control systems of Europe’s largest lift bridge according to a tight schedule?

New Botlek bridge in Rotterdam

The new Botlek bridge is one of the largest lift bridges in Europe. With a vertical clearance of more than 45 meters and a bridge deck of 50 meters wide, the bridge is higher and wider than the previous Botlek bridge, so water and road traffic can both pass as smoothly as possible. Despite its imposing dimensions the bridge can open and close in only 90 seconds. The ICT Group was called upon to realise a fast and safe control system for the bridge.

The challenge

The new Botlek bridge forms part of the A15 motorway and is therefore part of the major route for traffic travelling to and from the harbour and industrial zone of Rotterdam. In view of these social and economic interests it was of crucial importance that the bridge could be commissioned on time and would function properly from the start. The main focus was on the integral cooperation of the various systems, such as the barriers, audio and video systems, and the road and river traffic signals. Another challenge was the complex project environment, in which several parties were working on the same bridge. This called for clear and explicit coordination of all the activities involved in building, testing and delivering the bridge according to schedule.

The solution

Not all the requirements were known at the start of construction. The end date, however, was set. ICT Group provided the solution with the SCRUM method. This approach from the IT world is unique in construction. Together with the client CS-A15 (a collaboration between Croon and Strabag) the ICT Group charted which parts had priority and which requirements were complete. A start was then made with the work. In this way each part was developed and tested, and finally connected to each other. This meant that the control systems of the bridge could be delivered on time and without any problems. A unique feature is also that the new Botlek bridge has been awarded the CE mark. This means that the bridge complies with all health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive. Project: Nieuwe Botlekbrug in Rotterdam Opdrachtgever: CS-A15

Contact for this case

Roel de Backer

Business Unit Manager Water & Infra

t +31 6 50 20 23 66


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